The Champion of Care – Alice Rae

Photo: Alice Rae ladies – Left to Right: Steffani, Susan, Julia, Christian & Ramona

In June 2019, Julia Hann & Alice Rae were selected as the Champion of Care winner at the Influential Health & Medical Awards.

At the event, Julia spoke to the longevity of Alice Rae staff and thanked her staff for their many years caring for their clientele. 30 years, 25 years, 5 years, 5 years. It is a passion to support and care for others when you meet some of your clients when they are going through some of the most traumatic times of their lives. Alice Rae provides undergarments for everyone. However, they take great care in assisting those who are post-surgical with the right fit, the insurance help, privacy and sometimes just a big smile. It is their honor and their passion to continue every day. Thanking those who voted to recognize Alice Rae, Julia Hann, and her staff.

Below is the article from the program.

Julia Hann
Owner, Alice Rae Intimate Apparel

Alice Rae specializes in personal fittings for:

Bras, Specialty Undergarments and Post Mastectomy needs

Every woman has her own unique shape and because of this we truly believe she needs an individual fitting.  We boast the largest in stock inventory of Post Mastectomy products and bra sizes in Southern Arizona.

When a woman comes into our facility after breast surgery, she is educated on all her options to achieve the best balance and symmetry for her individual needs.  She is treated with compassionate personal service in a boutique type atmosphere with no regard to time spent or number of visits desired to satisfy her needs.

Although there are many certifications required for us to comply with Medicare and other insurance companies, we are fitters first.  Most importantly it requires an in-depth knowledge of the wide variety of products and sizes available.  Most of our fitters have been with Alice Rae over 20 years – and regularly attend continuing education classes.

I have owned the Alice Rae Shop for over 25 years now and before that worked in the Intimate Apparel Industry as a Department Store Buyer, Manufacturer Sales Representative and Private Label Development Program Representative.

Arizona has been my home for over 50 years (we won’t tell you exactly how many).  I am married to the most wonderful, supportive, talented, never too serious man and have two fabulous grown children.  When not working I enjoy hiking this wonderful state of ours.

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